Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Little Bit

I took this photo soon after I woke up/before I put on my glasses. It's funny because I thought, "wow, this is really out of focus" and then I remembered, no glasses. 
I underestimated how good this book would be. My favorite quotes so far are "A romantic she was, but not a pendeja." (pardon the language) and "But like lovergirls everywhere, she had heard only what she wanted to hear." I like to keep my favorite quotes from books in the notes section of my phone. If they are particularly good, I write them down in my journal. If they're even more special than that, they are written down on a square of paper and taped to my wall.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chicago in Camera Photos

 A few family members from Chicago, including the quinceanera, Natalie.
 So happy Miriam's family flew over too, because I had a dance partner :)
 My dress is from Modcloth
 Waiting for the Metra. It was my first time on a train

 I didn't like the weather over there. I now appreciate California so much more.

 We accidentally went through the wrong entrance at Willis Tower, haha

 Natalia is the only one properly smiling; she didn't have to deal with the sun haha


........ahaha she spits out water!

P.S. Dear Metra apparently you guys have a rush hour quiet only car or two on your trains and when my family went into one a woman rudely told us that it's a quiet car and that really hurt my feelings and the whole ride back I wanted to cry. Because of that I don't like trains anymore.

Chicago in iPhone photos

From July 11-14
"no parking when snow is over 2 inches" heh a sign that is never ever seen over here in California.