Saturday, August 31, 2013


 I'm alright at drawing. I don't do it much either, but it's fun when I do. I don't get ideas very easily. Instead I'll see something and think "I want to draw that." I'll change some things, like add speech bubbles or tattoos or a different pattern, etc. Sometimes they're of others' Instagram pictures, like the ones above and below.

 Others, I get from Pinterest.

 And then there's Modcloth. I'll draw so many of their dresses, or even a radio.

 But some are original. Like that vase.
A portrait of Mr. Dabrowski.
 And here's my Spanish homework. I think these drawings are my most favorite, 'cause they all just came in my head and I was able to draw them well, if I may say so myself, hah.
 I'm naming my future cat Butch.

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