Sunday, September 15, 2013

{Some Pictures} 4

Sorry, but since this is my first personal camera, and a good one at that, I'm not used of taking one with me everywhere. But I'm trying. So for now, continue to endure pictures from home, haha
Writing things down and taping them to my wall make me happy. Sometimes they're useless, like crayon wallart. But why not?
I'm listening to The Calculation by Regina Spektor right now.
 Started a shawl, it's growing now. Keeping myself busy :)
I have three chairs in my room. The green one is my favorite, I sit on it and it's antique and it's so pretty and oh my goodness, it just makes my room a lot nicer.
Here is where I keep the other two. I don't sit on these.
My desk area is perfect, if I may say so myself. A specific part of my happy place.
(I keep the keyboard hidden at the side of my desk when not in use.)

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