Monday, November 25, 2013

{Some Pictures} 9

I got this picture off of one of my high school's Facebook pages. Do you see me? I see me. Well, no more football games! Our last one was this past Friday, and our last marching band event ever (until the Cinco de Mayo parade) was this past Saturday. We marched for a local tree lighting ceremony, and it was so bittersweet. I had a whole lot of fun this marching season, and now I'm looking forward to the concert season (pretty black dresses!)
She loves car rides. And my sister drives a green bug.
Here's a shot from a "movie". It's silly but now I have a picture of my outfit that I liked so much, but don't know how to take outfit pictures. I guess "movies" are good after all. :P
I received this gorgeous monster as a gift for my quinceanera, from my friend Jade. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL \(.:....:.)/
and so I'm currently reading this one :)

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  1. Whoever made the movie should make more;-)