Friday, April 25, 2014

New York, March 1-5 2014

(All in iPhone photos)
As an early birthday present, my mom gave me a basket full of travel goodies, the day before we left for a band trip to New York.
The next day was my birthday (February 28) and that was the day we were to leave. 
So it was a very nice birthday.
This is the first thing I see when I woke up after the night flight.
 Central Park was one of my favorite parts of the trip :D

Rockefeller Center was nice too. This is still my phone's wallpaper
 The next morning there was a rehearsal exchange with the other bands who were also there. They were held in the hotel's ballroom (another favorite place of mine during the trip). It was special meeting and playing with kids from Arizona
and Israel!
Then we saw The Lion King
Then the next day we went on a tour of Manhattan

Then that evening we had a dinner/dance cruise for just the band kids and that was very very fun
The next day was the big day, although every day was a big day, heh. Well we played at Carnegie Hall and that was so nice, especially to say that I was able to play in both performances, one with our symphonic band and the other with Festival Winds. The sound and concert hall and everything was so so pretty
The last day felt pretty sad because I didn't feel ready to go back home. But I was happy to visit Central Park one last time (Over the trip it was a total of 3 times visiting that park. I discovered I really like tire swings, especially with city lights on at night as I'm spinning)
Goodbye ice cream.