Friday, December 27, 2013

Push Pin Pocket by Textiles + Such

We had another group project in my world history class, in which each group had to create a working invention or innovation (as our most recent unit was the Industrial Revolution) and advertise for it. My group created the Push Pin Pocket, by our fake company, Textiles + Such. (Can you tell I came up with the company name?) Our slogan is "Push It Pin It Stick It". It's the universal pocket that goes anywhere. It comes in a variety of prints, fabrics, designs, sizes, and attachments, as the variety in attachments is what makes these pockets go anywhere.
I was in charge of making the pockets. You can imagine how fun it was shopping for the material at Jo~Ann. I really like that place.
 I don't own a sewing machine, let alone know how to use one, but that was okay because they turned out well by hand, if I may say so myself.
Each pocket took about 30-40 minutes to make. Music passed the time quickly.
 I'd say this one was my favorite. This pocket featured the magnet attachment
and this one featured the classic pin attachment.
Our presentation and infomercial turned out really well, and the class seemed to enjoy it. Our group even tied with another in receiving most votes from the class as the best invention/presentation, so we get "grade recovery" as Mr. Baron calls it. (Extra credit). Here's our final product:

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