Saturday, December 28, 2013

{Some Pictures} 11

Midlake - Milkmaid Grand Army epThe song Paper Gown by Midlake reminds me of a library I've never been to. It's just a made-up, big library. I can see it inside my head; it's nice to look at. 

My favorite number is 11. If the word "eleven" wasn't already a number, it would make a nice first or middle name.

 I received a purse from a family-friend from Chicago, where it seems to be crocheted with many of those things from soda cans.
I always keep a pile of cut-up scratch paper in my desk, to write anything that comes to mind. Once I use one side, I flip it around and put it back in the pile to use again. I took out this one, and I don't remember where this quote came from, or when I wrote it! but it is a funny one.

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